Antenna Tree
Bootleg: Amnesia Tree
Antenna Tree
Map of Antenna Tree. Click to enlarge.
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Via walking Via Antenna Tree
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Storyline of eventsEdit

Appearances of DenjuuEdit

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Floor 2Edit

T1-I-15-I Microwave
T1-I-16-I Iron
T1-I-17-I Mixer
T1-I--I Phone

Floor 3Edit

T1-I-21-I Saw
T1-I-20-I Spanner
T1-I-22-I Chainsaw
T1-I-19-I Antenna
T1-I--I Ray Gun
T1-I-24-I Axe
T1-I-25-I Screwdriver
T1-I-26-I Screw

Floor 4Edit

T1-I--I Winder
T1-I-28-I Gear
T1-I-33-I Sickle
T1-I-30-I Lance
T1-I--I Phone Card
T1-I-31-I Crane
T1-I-32-I Army Knife

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