Telefang 1 icon  Move
Bootleg: Assault
Cryptoride using Assault on Keshi
Found in Telefang 1 icon

Assault is a damaging move found in Telefang 1.

Rush commonly changes into Assault when a Denjuu has evolved naturally.


The following Denjuu know this move from the start
Telefang 1
No.NameBootleg nameStageType
037 T1-037-I Raygoten Rigoden

Civilized Denjuu Sky Sky

042 T1-042-I Fungeist Fangist

Civilized Denjuu Grassland Grassland

053 T1-053-I Tessen Rasen

Civilized Denjuu Mountain Mountain

056 T1-056-I Gilearth Jieas

Big Denjuu Mountain Mountain

057 T1-057-I Raygirth Larjias

Big Denjuu Sky Sky

058 T1-058-I Armaru Armory

Big Denjuu Mountain Mountain

060 T1-060-I Cryptoride Kuripute

Big Denjuu Forest Forest

071 T1-071-I Hitodeight Hitodei

Big Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

072 T1-072-I Ghosboar Gaosboya

Big Denjuu Grassland Grassland

076 T1-076-I Angiorn Anjioen

Burst Denjuu Sky Sky

087 T1-087-I Raigaleon Raigarin

Burst Denjuu Grassland Grassland

088 T1-088-I Gadoruk Gadoruk

Burst Denjuu Forest Forest

090 T1-090-I Arfages Arfages

Burst Denjuu Desert Desert

103 T1-103-I Papaver Babarwur

Explosion Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

106 T1-106-I Gaultheria Goteria

Explosion Denjuu Forest Forest

110 T1-110-I Angieon Andion

Explosion Denjuu Sky Sky

111 T1-111-I Easydog Hat

Super Machine Denjuu Grassland Grassland

112 T1-112-I Tricerarmor Toriker

Super Machine Denjuu Mountain Mountain

113 T1-113-I Cryptosnipe Kuriputo

Super Machine Denjuu Forest Forest

121 T1-121-I Gilgiearth Girugias

Super Denjuu Mountain Mountain

123 T1-123-I Cryptoburn Kuribute

Super Denjuu Forest Forest

129 T1-129-I Mummyboar Amiboa

Super Denjuu Grassland Grassland

136 T1-136-I Angilance Andirans

Demon Denjuu Sky Sky

151 T1-151-I Angipower Angipao

Dark Void Denjuu Sky Sky

156 T1-156-I Gigagigerth Gigagigas

True Denjuu Mountain Mountain

157 T1-157-I Barriarm Barimu

True Denjuu Mountain Mountain

158 T1-158-I Cryptoknight Kuriput

True Denjuu Forest Forest

161 T1-161-I Angigorgo Angigogo

God Denjuu Sky Sky

165 T1-165-I Gawerk Gawerk

God Denjuu Grassland Grassland

167 T1-167-I Ornithogalum Ornith

God Denjuu Mountain Mountain

169 T1-169-I Yarrow Chap

God Denjuu Mountain Mountain

170 T1-170-I Angioros Angiros

Devil Denjuu Sky Sky

The following Denjuu learn this move at a certain level


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