Chiru (チル) is the currency used in the Denjuu World. Chiru literally means "to scatter".

In Telefang 1:

  • The amount of Chiru one gets for winning a battle is 8 times the opponent's level. If one fights against a T-Fanger that has more than 1 Denjuu, then only the first Denjuu that the T-Fanger uses will be factored in.
  • The maximum amount of Chiru one can hold is 65,000. This is close to the 16-bit maximum of 65,536.
  • If one loses against a wild Denjuu, or the first boss fight against Golaking (which is inevitable), then half of their Chiru will be gone.
  • Running through grass can reveal coins, which are worth 5 Chiru, and diamonds, which are worth 80. Diamonds found from breaking vases are not worth any Chiru.
  • In Pokémon Diamond and Jade, Chiru is referred to as "ball".

In Telefang 2:

  • The maximum Chiru one can hold is a much higher 9,999,999.
  • Coins can also be found by running through grass; each coin gives a variable amount of Chiru.
  • Coins collected by one's main Denjuu are not worth any Chiru, but instead increase the Denjuu's exp.

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