Telefang 2 icon Denjuu

Bootleg: Dylu
No. 171
Type Sky Sky
Evolutionary stage Basic

Version found in Power icon Speed icon
For the evolutions of Diablos with the same name, see the evolution section of this article.

Diablos is a Sky Sky-type Denjuu.

Etymology of nameEdit

From the word diabolical, as in something evil or wicked.


Power/Speed あっとうてきな でんまりょくで ブラックボールを つくりだすぞ
English Translation It uses its overwhelming Denma power to create a black hole.

Telefang 2 spritesEdit

Front Attacking from front Back Attacking from back
T2-171-F T2-171-FA T2-171-B T2-171-BA



Moves of Diablos (Basic)
From start Body Blow
From start Whirlwind Tornado (L10)
Lv. 8 Roar
Lv. 18 Black Hole


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