Telefang 1 icon  Move
Bootleg: Horn
Musa using "Horn" in Telefang 1
Found in Telefang 1 icon

Horn is a move found in Telefang 1.


The following Denjuu know this move naturally
Telefang 1
No.NameBootleg nameStageType
014 T1-014-I Telopea Teropea

Natural Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

028 T1-028-I Pampas Banles

Civilized Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

040 T1-040-I Cryptoarm Kuribute

Civilized Denjuu Forest Forest

048 T1-048-I Musa Musa

Civilized Denjuu Mountain Mountain

049 T1-049-I Netaro Netaro

Civilized Denjuu Mountain Mountain

062 T1-062-I Funblade Fenbuled

Big Denjuu Grassland Grassland

069 T1-069-I Medter Medter

Big Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

077 T1-077-I Gymrace Jimures

Burst Denjuu Mountain Mountain

083 T1-083-I Cliogera Kliaoger

Burst Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

118 T1-118-I Octorifle Octobre

Super Machine Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

122 T1-122-I Uniarmor Uniama

Super Denjuu Mountain Mountain

124 T1-124-I Funmachine Gameboy

Super Denjuu Grassland Grassland

128 T1-128-I Octagun Okutagan

Super Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

137 T1-137-I Gymganon Gimugan

Demon Denjuu Mountain Mountain

143 T1-143-I Baikingu Baikingu

Demon Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

The following Denjuu learn this move at a certain level
Telefang 1
No.NameBootleg nameStageTypeLevel
007 T1-007-I Fungus Fanges

Natural Denjuu Grassland Grassland L11
022 T1-022-I Gymnos Jimunosi

Civilized Denjuu Mountain Mountain L9
032 T1-032-I Funnel Phanel

Civilized Denjuu Grassland Grassland L15

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