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Iron Claw
Bootleg: Crusader
Iron Claw
Cryptoknight using Iron Claw in Telefang 1
Move type Normal Normal
Found in Telefang 1 icon Telefang 2 icon

Iron Claw is a move found in both Telefang 1 and Telefang 2.

Claw usually changes into Iron Claw when the Denjuu evolves naturally.


The following Denjuu learn this move when they evolve naturally
Telefang 1
No.NameBootleg nameStageType
036 T1-036-I Firekokko Faikke

Civilized Denjuu Sky Sky

053 T1-053-I Tessen Rasen

Civilized Denjuu Mountain Mountain

067 T1-067-I Cortos Kaotes

Big Denjuu Sky Sky

087 T1-087-I Raigaleon Raigarin

Burst Denjuu Grassland Grassland

090 T1-090-I Arfages Arfages

Burst Denjuu Desert Desert

104 T1-104-I Gamuru Jiarm

Explosion Denjuu Grassland Grassland

113 T1-113-I Cryptosnipe Kuriputo

Super Machine Denjuu Forest Forest

116 T1-116-I Saiguliger Sagrika

Super Machine Denjuu Grassland Grassland

117 T1-117-I Armedurus Amdourus

Super Machine Denjuu Grassland Grassland

123 T1-123-I Cryptoburn Kuribute

Super Denjuu Forest Forest

126 T1-126-I Suguline Sugurain

Super Denjuu Grassland Grassland

127 T1-127-I Machurus Maharas

Super Denjuu Grassland Grassland

134 T1-134-I Tulbaghia Tsurubak

Super Denjuu Grassland Grassland

138 T1-138-I Saiope Saiope

Demon Denjuu Aquatic Aquatic

139 T1-139-I Wattah Watta

Demon Denjuu Forest Forest

147 T1-147-I Ruscus Husukasu

Demon Denjuu Mountain Mountain

152 T1-152-I Gymzyrus Gimuzai

Dark Void Denjuu Mountain Mountain

155 T1-155-I Ryuuguu Ryugu

Dark Void Denjuu Mountain Mountain

158 T1-158-I Cryptoknight Kuriput

True Denjuu Forest Forest

162 T1-162-I Gymbaron Gimubar

God Denjuu Mountain Mountain

164 T1-164-I Enteiou Entio

God Denjuu Forest Forest

168 T1-168-I Gentiana Dragon

God Denjuu Sky Sky

The following Denjuu learn this move when they reach a certain level


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