Lab evolution (Japanese: 実験進化; Romaji: jikken shinka; Bootleg: test evolution) is one of the methods of evolution for Denjuu in Telefang 1. It is achieved by extracting the DNA of certain Naturally-evolved Denjuu through use of a Phone Card, and combining the resulting DNA item with the Denjuu to be evolved.

Lab evolutions can only be performed at certain shops, after the correct Lab Pass has been acquired. Lab Pass 1 is for evolving Cultivated Denjuu with Biolent 3, Lab Pass 2 is for evolving Burst Denjuu with Grapplite 9, and Lab Pass 3 is for evolving Demon Denjuu with Gigaia 00.

Towns with shops that offer lab evolutions include Freesia, Tripa Village, and Flaura Village.

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