This is an complete list of Items found in Telefang 1. The list is sorted the same way as in-game.

HEX Bootleg English translation
BC A-gun Fire Gun
BD Gun Gun
BE Revolver Revolver
BF R-Gun Bazooka
C0 Mo-gun Machine Gun
C1 Missile Missile
C2 Bomb Bomb
C3 Ma-gun Gatling Gun
C4 Sabre Sabre
C5 Drill Drill
C6 Jet Jet Engine
C7 Propelle Propeller Engine
C8 Dart Shuriken
C9 Battery Battery
CA Shooter Archery Set
CB Range Microwave
CC Flatiron Iron
CD Blender Mixer
CE Phone Telephone
CF Antenna Antenna
D0 Spanner Spanner
D1 Saw Saw
D2 ChainSaw Chainsaw
D3 L-gun Beam Gun
D4 Axe Axe
D5 Screwdri Screwdriver
D6 Screw Screw
D7 Spring Spring
D8 Gear Gear
D9 P-card Telecard
DA Spear Lance
DB Crane Crane
DC Dagger Army Knife
DD Sickle Sickle
DE Computer Computer
DF Moving Mobile PC
E0 Hammer Hammer
E1 Injector Syringe
E2 Camera Camera
E3 Video Video Camera
E4 Flying Frypan
E5 Pencil Pencil
E6 Tire Tire
E7 O-bottle Gas Tank
E8 Tap Tap
E9 Bucket Bucket
EA Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner
EB Mouse Mouse
EC Key Key
ED Game Game Machine
EE Toy Plush Toy
EF Pengpeng Comic Bom Bom
F0 Racket Kick Board
F1 Tsita Titalium
F2 Luna Lunatium
F3 Diamond Gaiamond
F4 L-medal Round Metal
F5 Tayta Titanyum
F6 Reform1 Reform Pass 1
F7 Reform2 Reform Pass 2
F8 Reform3 Reform Pass 3
F9 Test1 Test Pass 1
FA Test2 Test Pass 2
FB Test3 Test Pass 3
FC Baolan Biolent3
FD Gulap Graplight9
FE Jigay Gigaia00
FF Prop Item

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