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B-010-I Official Artwork
No. 010
Maker FE
Evolutionary stage 2

Nullcode is a Bug made by FE.


Alpha/Beta きょだいな いわの かたまりいわを じゆうで あやつる
English Translation It can manipulate clusters of rock from giant boulders as it pleases.



Nullcode starts out with the move Rock Throw.

At level 8, it learns Curl Up.
At level 16, it learns Jishibari.
At level 26, it learns Stone Shower.
At level 34, it learns Tackle.
At level 44, it learns Earthquake.
At level 50, it learns Eruption.
At level 60, it learns Rampart.

Base statsEdit

At level 1:

HP: 10 Attack: 1 Defense: 2 Speed: 1 Special: 1

At level 100, Nullcode's stats average out to:

HP: 1050 Attack: 170 Defense: 240 Speed: 135 Special: 165


This Bug evolves from Null.

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