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B-161-I Official Artwork
No. 161
Maker Jank
Evolutionary stage 1

Promenade is a Bug made by Jank. It is also the final boss in the game.


Alpha/Beta にんげんに とりつくバグ じゃくな いしをもつ
English Translation When this Bug clings on an human, they become weak and a doctor has to take care of them.



Promenade starts out with the move Tentacle.

At level 5, it learns Electric Shock.
At level 8, it learns Bone Breaker.
At level 14, it learns Acid Gas.
At level 20, it learns こうあつレンジ.
At level 25, it learns Lightning.
At level 32, it learns Power Drain.
At level 40, it learns Psycho Blast.

Base statsEdit

At level 1:

HP: 15 Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Speed: 1 Special: 2

At level 100, Promenade's stats average out to:

HP: 1550 Attack: 220 Defense: 185 Speed: 185 Special: 255


This Bug does not evolve.

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