Telefang 2 icon Denjuu

Bootleg: Leku
No. 003
Type Forest Forest
Evolutionary stage Mod-2

Version found in Power icon Speed icon
For the evolutions of Rex with the same name, see the evolution section of this article.

Rex is a Forest-type Denjuu.

Etymology of nameEdit

The name Rex can come from how it looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is a dinosaur, having claws and scales. T-Rex is also considered the king of the dinosaurs, which may show the superiority of Rex in the Denjuu world.


Power/Speed すばやく こうげきをかわしムチのしっぽで てきをうつぞ
English Translation It quickly evades attacks and strikes its opponent with its whip-like tail.

Telefang 2 spritesEdit

Front Attacking from front Back Attacking from back
T2-003-F T2-003-FA T2-003-B T2-003-BA


This Denjuu can be obtained only by evolving Rex (Basic).


Moves of Rex (Forest)
From start Tail
From start Electric Arrow
Lv. 10 Avoid
Lv. 20 Small Bolt


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