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Series NamesEdit

I've fixed up the main page a bit... I've made "Keitai Denjuu Telefang series" link to "Keitai Denjuu Telefang (series)", and the same for Dino Device. This is how the page was mentioned on the Telefang 1 article, and we should stick with a single name. :D I think it's a very good idea to have pages describing each series as a whole. ^^ I think the articles for the game content should be on different pages for different games in the series, though. The game mechanics are very different between Telefang 1 and 2, so putting the info for both games in one article doesn't always work. Anyway.

The real problem here is what to call the other Smilesoft games. Bugsite has a full english title right on the box, Network Adventure Bugsite. While "boukenki" translates closer to "adventure story/tale", we should probably just use the english title it gives us, just like how we're using the english on the box for "Dino Device".

Lastly, since we're using the full names for the games here (with Keitai Denjuu and Network Adventure), we should do the same for Dino Device. The full romaji title is "Gachasute! Daina Debaisu". Gachasute is the name of the gashapon dispenser in the game that you get your Dinos from. It is actually short for Gatcha Station (gachasuteeshon), so the closest name in english would be Gachasta. It sounds a bit odd, but since it is based off english words, it would even odder to leave it as romaji in the title. I've left it unchanged for now though, in case you guys prefer another name. XD

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