The Vase throwing Minigame is an activity that was introduced in Telefang 2. It features your rival's Denjuu, where you must strike them with a vase to gain points. The opponent will be either Doon or Gyuun; the former appearing in Power, whilst the later appears in Speed. You can quit by pressing B or dying.



A nice day for a game of "Whac-A-Denjuu"

The game features a 3x3 grid where 3 things can occurr. The first thing is the rival's Denjuu, once it appears, you must strike. To throw your vase, simply move to the direction you want and press A. The next thing that can happen is that a girl might appear. Do not hit her! You will gain a "Miss", which if one obtains 10, will end the game. The last thing that can appear is a Man, who if knocked, will give out items to remove "Misses", if any.


For each time you managed to hit something, a counter will appear. This counter is the "Hit" counter. It is crucial for getting a high-score because the higher it becomes, the more points you gain for each kill. Fortunatly, hitting a girl will not disrupt your counter, only throwing a vase at an empty hole will reset it.



Disclaimer:No Denjuu were hurt in the making of this game.

Each level last around 30 seconds. It will increase in difficulty until it reaches level 99, which by then it'll loop you back to level 99, effectively making the game, endless. Though realistically, chances are, you'll lose long before that.

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