These are the current news in Wikiafang.

14 September 2010
1 June 2010
  • If you want to chat about Wikiafang issues or Telefang in general, be sure to join #telefang on, an IRC channel about Telefang!
  • To join, first try clicking the link above. If that doesn't work, you probably don't have any IRC client installed. In that case, either:
  • Download one! There's tons; I use Miranda just because it's what I use for IM too, but most people seem to recommend mIRC or ChatZilla.
  • Use Mibbit. It's an online IRC program. You can join #telefang just by clicking on this link.

16 December 2009
  • A new evolution template system has been completed. All articles need to be updated according to this new system (see here). In addition, a central to-do list for the entire Wikiafang can be accessed at Wikiafang:To-do.
25 September 2009
  • A new version of the Telefang 1 Translation Patch was released. The text in the game now uses a variable-width font, thanks to Malias. Get it here!
22 September 2009
  • Wikiafang reached 500 articles! Thanks, everyone, for all the hard work.
21 September 2008
  • Wikiafang reached 100 articles!
28 March 2008
26 February 2008
  • The wiki's title is changed to Wikiafang.
18 January 2008
  • The wiki undergoes a shift from bootlegged names to translated names.
27 December 2007
  • The wiki is born!

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