Welcome to Wikifang's central to-do list! This to-do list will address all urgent matters that need to be cleaned up around the wiki.

High Priority Edit

  • Complete translations for remaining Telefang 1 Denjuu.
  • Not done: Midootoru, Gaddohorou, Togeeruka, Togeeruka, Abirasu, Arufagosu, Kiyooruka, Arakuida, Baddohorou, Saioope, Arakuudabaran, Pankuhorou, Baikinguurin

Medium Priority Edit

  • Fill in acredata, rip maps and fill in storyline and events for Telefang 1 and 2 location pages.
  • Continue Telefang 1 walkthrough!
  • Fill in Denjuu learnset data for the existing Telefang 1 move pages.

Low Priority Edit

  • Fill in data for the Telefang 1 item pages.
  • Create Telefang 2 item pages.
  • Create Telefang 2 move pages.
  • Create T-Fanger pages for both Telefang 1 and 2.

Completed Edit

  • Update all Denjuu pages to follow the new evolution template system, found here.
  • For Telefang 2 Denjuu, redirects from Reform-1/Reform-2 (e.g. Rex (Reform-1) or Rex (Reform-2)) to the proper page with its habitat type (e.g. Rex (Desert)), create the same for Mod-1/Mod-2 as well (Rex (Mod-1) instead), as that is the correct term for the evolution stage. Done!
  • Fill in missing evolution data for Telefang 2 Denjuu. Done!
  • Rip animated walking sprites for Telefang 1 Denjuu. Done!
  • Rip animated walking sprites for Telefang 2 Denjuu. Done!

See also Edit

For more to-do, visit the following:

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